Portfolio of assets

Asset portfolio

Location is the primary factor for us. We treat every location as something unique, a space that must be preserved. For that reason, when we undertake a project, the engineering work must consider the environmental, industrial and social aspects.

Ecoener undertakes end-to-end management of a project. Selecting the best locations in terms of energy yield, while taking care of environmental and social aspects, conducting the entire permitting process in dialogue with all the relevant stakeholders and administrations, and taking charge of engineering, grid connection, site management and operation. We enter into maintenance contracts with the manufacturer of wind turbines, electric turbines and generators and we perform maintenance on the generating facilities, substations and lines.

Respect for the environment;
operational excellence

Asset portfolio

We study the relief and geology, the vegetation and the fauna in the locations that we choose. We use local materials for construction and take advantage of the relief to optimise integration into the landscape.

We install the electrical equipment underground and have even installed an underground control centre—at the Ourol wind farm (Lugo). We adapt the roads and accesses to the facilities. We take every precaution so as not to perturb the river ecosystems, by building buffer ponds such as the one at the Las Fuentes II hydroelectric power plant (Guatemala), and we safeguard the migratory movements of fish species with fish ladders. We respect the original weir, where feasible, as in the case of the San Bartolomé hydroelectric plant (La Coruña).

Everything we do is shaped by the aim of causing the least environmental impact, and of taking care of our most valuable legacy: nature.

Our power(in MW)

  • 341 In generation
  • 399 In construction
  • 1509 In development
Icono de un molino eólico Wind
  • In generation 104
  • In construction 3
  • In development 215
Icono de una central hidráulica Hydroelectric
  • In generation 56
  • In construction 0
  • In development 430
Icono de paneles solares Solar
  • In generation 182
  • In construction 396
  • In development 864
Icono de almacenamiento storage
  • In generation 0
  • In construction 0
  • In development 81,6MWh