Ecoener increases renewable energy capacity to 15% in Gran Canaria

12 | 16 | 2020

Ecoener increases renewable energy capacity to 15% in Gran Canaria

Ecoener has completed commissioning the newly expanded Las Salinas de Matorral substation, which now benefits from a fivefold increase in capacity.

Ecoener has successfully commissioned the expansion of the Las Salinas del Matorral collector substation, increasing its generation capacity from 20 MW to up to 100 MW.

This is an especially important achievement given that in 2019 renewable energy from this substation covered 3.5% of all electricity consumption in Gran Canaria. Thanks to the expansion of Las Salinas del Matorral, up to 15% of the entire island’s electricity demand could now be covered by renewables. By increasing the supply of renewable energy to local consumers, Ecoener is making a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the region.

The substation expansion is projected to collect electricity generated from 13 wind farm and photovoltaic facilities, with a total capacity of 80.75 MW. This is the equivalent of 5.5% of the annual renewable electricity produced in the Canary Islands. The substation will also be shared with other big names in the energy industry. 

Las Salinas del Matorral is located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, a unique enclave in the Canary Island archipelago. Ecoener is committed to promoting the development of renewable energy, always embracing the highest environmental standards to ensure responsible integration with the surroundings. Ecoener’s activity also contributes to the goals of the local environmental initiative, Maspalomas Sostenible, which is sponsored by the municipality’s Council of Environmental Policies.

By adhering to environmental best practice during the construction of the facility, Ecoener has reduced the substation’s impact on the surrounding landscape. Efforts have been made to respect the pre-existing structure, introducing new buildings with simple designs and in colours that are complementary with the area.

Luis de Valdivia, CEO of Ecoener said: “The commissioning of this substation is an important milestone for the islands, allowing us to supply the local population with a greater volume of electricity from renewable sources. We are proud to play a role in establishing the Canary Islands as a leading region in the use of clean energy and to continue to add value to the country’s energy transition“.