With an investment of €13million, Ecoener begins construction of two new wind farms in the Canary Islands

12 | 03 | 2020

With an investment of €13million, Ecoener begins construction of two new wind farms in the Canary Islands

Ecoener, the long-term renewable energy generation company, further commits to renewable energy in the Canary Islands with the construction of two new wind farms in San Bartolomé de Tirajana. Total investment in the project exceeds €13 million, and once construction is complete, Econer will have seven operational wind farms on the Islands, contributing to the revitalisation of the region’s economy.

These new wind farms, called Arcos del Coronadero and Lomo del Moral, will each consist of five Enercon 48 wind turbines. Together with Ecoener’s three other wind farms that have gone live this year, the group of five will be able to generate electricity for 18,393 families a year.

The two new wind farms will produce output equivalent to 2,204 tonnes of oil per year, thus contributing to a considerable reduction in the region’s fossil fuel consumption. Given the scarcity of oil in the region, this also represents a significant savings to the energy bill and on the balance of payments. Likewise, with the new wind farms set to become operational in 2021, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 28,560 tons.

Econer’s mission is rooted in long-term sustainability and excellence across all its projects. To this end, the company aims to protect the local bird life by painting the tips of the turbine blades red, improving their visibility and avoiding unique regional species such as the kestrel from colliding with the equipment. The turbines have also been outfitted with state-of-the-art cameras and infra-red illuminators that stop the blades from turning when birds are detected, thus further reducing the risk of collision, even at night.

The Arcos del Coronadero and Lomo del Moral wind parks are co-financed with ERDF funds and represent the first tranche of the aid package for investment in wind technology energy generation in the Canary Islands and supported by the European Union under the banner “One way to make Europe”.

At Ecoener we are extremely pleased to build these new wind farms, a feat that demonstrates that it is possible to actively contribute to the energy transition even in these most challenging of times, marked by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to expand our footprint in the Canary Islands and hope to be able to continue adding long-term value to the region and to Spain’s renewable energy market overall.”

Luis de Valdivia, CEO of Ecoener.