Portfolio of assets

Portfolio of assets

For us, everything begins with the location. We treat each location as what it is: something unique, a space that must be preserved. This is why, when we undertake a project, the engineering work must take into account the environmental, the industrial and the social aspects.

Ecoener offers integral management of the project. Selecting the best locations in terms of energy yield, while taking care of the environmental and social aspects, conducting all the permitting process with all the relevant stakeholders and Administrations, as well as of engineering, interconnection, site management and operation. We close maintenance contracts with the manufacturer of wind turbines, electric turbines and generators and we perform maintenance services of the generation installations, substations and lines.

Respect for the environment;
operational excellence

Portfolio of assets

We study the topography, the geology, the vegetation and the fauna of the locations that we choose. In this way, we build the installations with indigenous materials and we utilize the orography of the site to achieve the best integration into the landscape.

Thus, we install the electrical elements underground and we have come to design an underground control centre such as the Ourol wind farm (Lugo). We adapt the roads and entrances to the installations. We strive to avoid altering the natural system of the river course with a regulation reservoir such as the one built for the Las Fuentes II hydroelectric power plant (Guatemala) and we protect the migratory movements of the fish species with fish pass. We respect the original weir in those cases in which it is possible to restore it as we did at the San Bartolomé hydroelectric power plant (La Coruña).

All we do is, always moved by the aim of causing the least environmental impact, and of taking care of our most valuable legacy: nature.

Nuestra potencia (en MW)

  • 118,8 In generation
  • 22,4 In construction
  • 1242 In development
Icono de un molino eólico Wind
  • In generation 50,2
  • In development 70
  • In construction 22,4
Icono de una central hidráulica Hydroelectric
  • In generation 52,4
  • In development 618
Icono de paneles solares Solar
  • In generation 16,2
  • In development 554