We are Ecoener

Ecoener is the result of the vision, extending over more than 30 years, of Luis de Valdivia, its founder and sole owner. We are a team of 50 highly-qualified professionals, most of whom have been working in Ecoener for decades.

Our headquarters are located in La Coruña, Spain, one of the most advanced countries in the development and promotion of renewable energy. Currently, we now own 142 MW of installed power.

We are Ecoener

We preserve the most valuable legacy we have: nature

Our aim is to promote sustainable development to preserve the environment and to contribute to social progress. We are specialists in the promotion, construction and management of renewable energy.

We build and operate hydroelectric power plants, wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants. We have a good command of the three technologies, something which cannot be found in the market very often.. We generate renewable energy contributing to real sustainable development.

For more than 30 years, we have been doing things correctly, focused on the long-term generation of renewable energy to contribute to sustainable development."

Our priority is taking care of the environment

Our priority is taking care of the environment

We work in the conviction that each project is unique. We keep a balance between the industrial, the environmental and the social aspects. This is why we strive to ensure that our installations are integrated into nature and that they provide value to the community.

In each project, we seek environmental, industrial and social balance"

We are committed, from beginning to end, to our assets We are committed, from beginning to end, to our assets

We are committed, from beginning to end, to our assets

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in each of the stages of the project that we embark on to ensure their integral management. Our professionals undertake every aspect, from the design of the project and the selection of the location to the sale of energy, as well as the development, construction and operation of the installations for the generation of renewable energy.

We ask our suppliers for the same things we give:

  • _ Attention to detail,
  • _ Long-term commitment
  • _ Reliability of professional and technical equipment.

Accordingly, we work with manufacturers who are world-class leaders, such as Enercon and Voith.

Our greatest success is the satisfaction of a job well done

Ecoener is accredited by its proven expertise and know-how as well as our national and international projection. We look at the long term because we have a long history behind us that shows our solidity and experience. 
Our installations are our greatest pride and they speak for us. Since 1997, Ecoener has installed renewable power capacity in the amount of 172 MW, of which we are currently owners.


16,22 MW Llanos del Sur(Honduras) 18 MW Ourol 20 MW Llanos de la Aldea 3 MW Singular Lalín 9,2 MW San Bartolomé 4 MW Lomo del Moral 4 MW Las Casillas I 4 MW Arcos del Coronadero 4,8 MW El Rodeo 5,8 MW La Caleta 2,9 MW Xestosa 14,2 MW Las Fuentes II(Guatemala) 1,2 MW San Bartolomé 5 MW Cierves 10 MW       Arnoya 10 MW       Peneda 9,15 MW Landro PW. PLANTS  HYDROELECTRIC INSTALLATIONS  SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC      WIND FARMS      WIND FARMSIN CONSTRUCTION
We are Ecoener

142 MW

30.5 % of the wind power installed in Spain in 2017 is owned by Ecoener. And we have installed 23 % of the minihydraulic energy in Spain in the last 15 years.

We are pioneers in the innovation of renewable energy. We installed, for the first time in Spain, a photovoltaic plant using high-efficiency modules of Thin Film. We were also the first in Spain to install the wind technology Enercon E-70 on five wind farms.

We are Ecoener

We are committed to a better future

We have the capacity to contribute to a better and more sustainable future from what we are and from what we do. A local responsibility, but with a global vision. Just as we know that each installation needs a specific design to safeguard the environment, it also needs a commitment to the territories where we work.

Our approach to work generates positive impacts on the main challenges identified in the Agenda 2030. Therefore, we add our commitment to that of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It is a natural result of our mode of operating.