Who we are

Ecoener came into being 35 years ago as a result of the vision of Luis de Valdivia, chairman and founder. We are a team of more 100 highly-qualified professionals.

Our headquarters is located in La Coruña, Spain, one of the most advanced countries in the development of renewable energy. We now own and operation 341 MW.

Who we are

We preserve the most valuable legacy we have: nature

Our aim is to promote sustainable development in order to preserve the environment and contribute to social progress. We are specialists in developing, building and managing renewable energy.

We build and operate hydroelectric power plants, wind farms and solar photovoltaic plants. We have a good command three technologies, something that very few companies can say. We generate renewable energy so as to contribute to truly sustainable development.

Ecoener is a unique renewable energy company because we have our own culture and a distinctive approach. Our credibility lies in the way we do things. Excellence is our goal.

For more than 35 years, we have been doing things the right way, focused on generating electricity from renewable sources over the long term in order to contribute to sustainable development"

Our priority is to take care for the environment

Our priority is to take care for the environment

We see every project as unique. We seek a balance between industrial, environmental and social aspects. This is why we strive to ensure that our installations blend into nature and provide value to the community.

We install the electrical equipment underground or integrate it into the building so as not to disrupt the landscape. We soundproof our plants so as not to perturb the sound of nature, and our installations are open for use by local residents and hikers.

We seek an environmental, industrial and social balance in every project"

We are committed to our assets, from beginning to end We are committed to our assets, from beginning to end

We are committed to our assets, from beginning to end

Because of our commitment to excellence, we are involved in every stage of a project to ensure that it is managed comprehensively. Our professionals undertake every aspect, from project design and site selection, through development, construction and operation of the facility, to the sale of the renewable energy it produces.

We require that suppliers match our demanding standards:

  • _Attention to detail.
  • _Long-term commitment.
  • _Reliability of professional and technical equipment.

Accordingly, we work with world-class manufacturers, with TIER 1 equipment that guarantees its durability.

Our greatest success is the satisfaction of a job well done

Ecoener’s proven expertise and know-how as well as our national and international projection footprint are our calling card. We take the long view because our history is evidence of our reliability and experience. Our installations are our greatest pride and they speak for us. Since 1997, Ecoener has installed more of 300 MW of renewable power generating capacity..

Who we are

341 MW

30.5 % of the wind capacity installed in Spain in 2017 is owned by Ecoener. And we have built the largest renewable energy complex in the Canary Islands.

We are pioneers in renewable energy. We installed Spain’s first photovoltaic plant using high-efficiency thin-film solar panels. And we were the first company in Spain to install the Enercon E-70 wind technology, in five wind farms.

Who we are

Committed to a better future

We have the capacity to contribute to a better, more sustainable future through what we are and what we do. We take responsibility on a local level, but with a global vision. Just as each installation needs a specific design to safeguard the environment, it also needs a commitment to the territories where we work.

Our approach has a positive impact on the main challenges identified in the 2030 Agenda. Consequently, we add our commitment to that of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It is a natural outcome of how we work.