Renewable energy for sustainable development


Ecoener has a firm commitment: preserving our most valuable legacy— nature. Our goal as a company is to promote sustainable development in order to preserve the environment and contribute to the development of society.


What we do

We are specialists in development, construction, management and maintenance of renewable energies.

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Photovoltaic Photovoltaic

power plants

We currently have 182 MW of solar power in operation between Honduras and Gran Canaria. In addition, 214 MWp are under construction and 737 MWp are under development.

Wind Wind

Wind farms

We own 8 wind farms on the island of Gran Canaria, 5 on the island of La Gomera and two more in Galicia. The current installed capacity is 104 MW and a further 394 MW are in the development phase.

Hydroelectric Hydroelectric

power plants

We own six hydroelectric power plants in Galicia, Spain, and a seventh in the region of Bocacosta, Guatemala, our first overseas hydroelectric power plant. Their combined installed capacity is 55 MW. We now have 370 MW in development.


Sustainability is the driving force behind Ecoener. We generate energy for the long term, seeking to preserve nature wherever we operate, with the focus on developing local communities. We create value through responsible business management and a social and environmental commitment, contributing locally to attain the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

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