A global vision

Ecoener’s expansion in Spain and other countries is driven by the same values. We have always had an international outlook, and we are expanding steadily.

22% of our installed power capacity is located outside Spain."

Where are we

SERBIA GEORGIA KENIA CHILE COLOMBIA GUATEMALA* HONDURAS DOMINICANREPUBLIC PANAMÁ ECUADOR SPAIN * In Guatemala we have the company Comercializadora Centroamericana De Energia La Ceiba, S.A

Installed power per country

  • Spain 110,87 MW Hydraulic and wind
  • Honduras 16,22 MW Solar
  • Guatemala 14,20 MW Hydraulic
A global vision A global vision A global vision

A company that is going places

Ecoener always looks to the future. We have ambitious plans and the knowledge and experience to carry them out. During 2020/2021 we have been working on five wind farms with a total of 22.4MW. We have an additional 1527 MW in the pipeline and we are developing new projects in several countries.