Ecoener is among Spain´s leaders in renewable energy hibridization

10 | 13 | 2021

Ecoener is among Spain´s leaders in renewable energy hibridization

With its hybrid system combining photovoltaic and wind power generation, Ecoener is poised to increase production by 41 MW, improve revenues and save generation 10% and 15% on investments in future projects.

Gran Canaria, 11 October 2021 –  Ecoener is set to increase the capacity of its wind and photovoltaic parks in Grand Canary Island by 41 MW as its hybrid projects go into operation in the coming months. The Galicia-based multinational renewable energy company is set to launch its new system – which combines technologies to optimise efficiency – in the Canary Islands.

This initiative positions Ecoener as the leading company in the Canary Islands by number of hybrid projects and capacity in MW, and one of the Spain’s top players in the deployment of hybrid technology.

Hybridisation, which combines wind and photovoltaic power generation, will drive a significant increase in the company’s revenues and generate savings of between 10% and 15% on the future renewable energy projects to be undertaken by the company in line with its strategic plan.

The hybrid system capitalises on existing evacuation infrastructure, which delivers savings on grid connection equipment and infrastructure and drives down costs associated with infrastructure and civil engineering works. The combination of the two technologies will also reduce the environmental impact, improve the quality and stability of supply and use the evacuation points in the grid more efficiently.

The 12 new photovoltaic facilities currently under construction will be commissioned at the end of this year, adding 29 MW to the 51.6 MW of wind power generation already in operation. This will take the total installed capacity in Grand Canary Island to 80.6 MW at the end of this year.

Of the new renewable energy plants to be commissioned, Llanos de la Aldea (11.6 MW of hybrid power), La Florida (9.60 MW of hybrid power) and San Bartolomé (5.50 MW of hybrid power), all of which are located in Grand Canary Island, will produce the strongest results from the use of hybrid technology.